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Are You Thinking Big for Your Organisation This Year?

Every year, on 22nd February, The World Thinking Day is celebrated. This day was originally founded for girl guides and scouts to..

Tap into the True Potential of Your Organisation with Performance Management

Tap into the True Potential of Your Organisation with Performance Management Are you dealing with employees who are constantly disgruntled? Are your..

Diversity is not a Buzz word, it’s the DNA of Organisational Success

I was recently having a conversation with another colleague who was in-between jobs and making interview rounds at a prominent corporate in India for their communications role. I was surprised by some of the statements that were made, and that too by

Why your Organisation should have a Compelling Vision?

All of us at some point of our career have read a vision statement. You might have felt that vision statements are much ado about nothing, or you might have found a particular vision very inspiring, or felt it was just a tick on the checkbox. May be you had the opportunity to write one for your own organisation. However, in my experience so far, I’ve observed that not many people are able to answer an important question about their vision, and that question is ‘Why?’.

Improve Communication to Boost Productivity

‘I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.’

These were the words of Mahatma Gandhi – a visionary, strategist, stellar leader, and nation builder.

Companies too need leaders who can get along with their people. And not just get along with them, but take them along in their journey.

Why do People Mistake Power for Leadership?

Why do People Mistake Power for Leadership? Last year, a little before the US Presidential elections, actress Rosario Dawson, a supporter of..