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About Us
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Our training is always anchored by a lead trainer and supported by a facilitator who plays the role of an observer to assess each participant. :

Our training ensures the 3Rs

  • Relate - we get participants to interact with others as teams or as a group.
  • Reflect - we get trainers and participants to share their observations on how others behaved. We then study the reasons for this behaviour and explore alternative responses. Revisit - we simulate role-play to incorporate the learning and see the different possibilities emerging.
  • Revisit - we simulate role-play to incorporate the learning and see the different possibilities emerging.

A basic suite of skill-related training to support smooth functioning. This is a byte-sized, single agenda module with a class activity to drive the learning, lasting about 2 hours.
Topics covered include:

  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • MS Excel
  • Customer Services
  • Email etiquette
  • Presentation skills
  • Byte-sized modules recommended
Skill-based training that involves behavioural change and supports smooth management. This is an interactive half-day session, typically lasting about 4 hours. Topics covered include:
  • Team Management
  • Collaboration
  • Team building
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Lateral thinking
  • Strategic thinking
  • Decision making
Training with a focus on skills required to solve specific problem areas. This is a day-long learning interspersed with multiple activities for specific takeaways; typically 8 hours. Topics covered include:
  • First Time Manager Programmes
  • Delegation skills
  • Personality development programmes
  • Conflict Management
  • People Management Skills

We know that everyone is not cut out to develop training content and that’s why we support leading HR teams to develop content for their in-house Learning Management Systems (LMS) platforms. We work along with you, understand your LMS platform, create ‘learning content’ ideas, write the content, ensure the learning is interactive and support your tech teams in implementing and testing the LMS content.

Based on the above inputs, we conduct two types of employee PoSH training:

  • Basic version – it helps the employees understand the Law, key definitions, and the overall procedure should they want to file a complaint
  • Advanced version – for those employees who have already undergone basic training and are ready to discuss advanced aspects of the PoSh Act, such as my role in keeping the workplace safe. How do I behave as a bystander? What if I witness sexual harassment around me? Etc.

Would you like to have customised workshops that ensure employees apply the learnings in everyday work?