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Recruitment Checklist

Recruitment Checklist

Have you ever experienced that you like a certain CV of a candidate but the candidate is not interested in the job you have to offer? Or despite follow-up does not show up for the interview? Or worst, goes through with the interview and then does not show up on the day of joining?

These are all nightmare situations for HR, though it now seems like a routine issue and HR is well prepared for this.

So what should change?

Candidates lose interest when they don’t have all the information they need to help them decide on whether or not to continue applying for the job. Oftentimes, the JD is incomplete or the information about the job role is inconsistent across platforms or candidates don’t know what are the criteria for selection or rejection, worst of all, having to answer the same questions in multiple rounds of interviews.

This recruitment checklist outlines at each step what key aspects should be kept in mind so that your team can communicate them to the candidate and retain the best candidates for the final interview process.