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Onboarding Checklist for HR

Onboarding Checklist For HR

Nearly 50% of new joinees resign within the first 6 months, and the trend is sharper in the Millenium generation. It is frustrating, to say the least!

While there can be many reasons, especially related to recruitment, the one other key factor is Onboarding. It is a critical function but is given very little importance or often done in a hurried manner. That apart, three common mistakes that HR teams make are:

  1. Confuse orientation with onboarding: orientation is a quick overview about the ‘need to know’; whereas onboarding is ensuring the new employee has grasped the overview and is now on board with the company’s vision, mission, goals, etc.
  2. Choosing speed above integration: Harvard Business Review said it takes employees eight months to reach peak productivity. Yet, onboarding is looked upon as a one-time event, often lasting for a week in most cases and max up to 3 months in some cases. 
  3. Focus on paperwork over creating a positive first impression: Onboarding is about creating a strong employer brand right from day 1 and continue to build it thereon. A poor experience will most definitely make the new employee doubt their decision. Yes, the paperwork is necessary but it need not take centre stage.

The key to successful onboarding is to ensure it is well structured, provides support to learn the role quickly and has frequent check-ins and feedback given throughout. Here’s a brief checklist to help your HR team ensure every new joinee is onboarded effectively.