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Induction Deck Outline

“Inductions are boring! Plus, I didn’t gain anything in particular.” Says a new joinee at a client’s office when I sought feedback from him as I’m known to him personally.

I was not surprised. 9 out of 10, and maybe 10 out of 10 new joinees would give the same response, that is if they have a good rapport with you.

It’s quite bad as the very first impression that the organisation makes is a poor one. Whereas, induction is ideally meant to validate the new employee’s decision to join your organisation, provide them with direction, let them know the vision, explain their role in supporting the vision, help them align their personal goals with organisation goals, explain acceptable as well as unacceptable behaviours, etc.

Net-net is meant to excite, motivate & support the new employee. After all, a good start leads to good innings! Is it not?

This tool is an outline of an ideal induction presentation. If you already have one, map it against these points to optimise it and if you are in the process of recreating it, simply follow this approach to nail it.