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Interview Question Bank Team Leader Role

Interview Question Bank Team Leader Role

Taking interviews is yet another skill that is never taught to us.

At best you may have observed another person taking an interview or most likely learned interviewing from the ones you have appeared for.

Further to that, during the interview, questions are usually in the 80-20 ratio, 80% of questions are focused on the work that the candidate will perform, while 20% is focused on assessing other aspects of the candidates’ personality, soft skills, business skills, etc. And in particular, one dimension is often overlooked during the interview process, i.e. assessing people management skills, especially of those who will join in a team management role.

Not only does this skill form a large portion of the work that a candidate in the team management role must fulfil, but it is also among the top 10 future skills that everyone must hone given the hybrid work environment we are transitioning towards. Consider ‘people management skills’ as the incomparable supporting skills that will be needed to get the work done.

In this question bank we have outlined 10 key questions that will enable you to gauge the preparedness of an individual in a team management role. We have also compiled some red flags to watch out for.