Yellow Spark’s approach to workshops and training rests on the founders' belief that ‘trainings are ineffective if the learning is not applied to everyday work’.

Our workshops and training philosophy is that first we thoroughly identify the gap. Second, we do not retrofit existing module or content. And third, learning is not complete until applied.

We provide robust pre-training support, usually to identify training needs. This allows us to build effective content for the participants. During the training, the lead trainer anchors the session while the facilitator plays the role of an observer to assess each participant and ensure one-on-one engagement. At Yellow Spark, we give a special emphasis on the practical application post-training (PAPT) to ensure effective learning. Post the training we develop customised tools to facilitate this process.

About our workshops and training formats:

  • Full-day - A day-long learning interspersed with multiple activities for specific takeaways; typically 8 hours
  • Half-day - An interactive half day session about focused topics; typically 4 hours
  • Byte size module - A single agenda micro module with a class activity to drive the learning; typically 2 hours

People Management Skills Workshop

Suitable for: Team leaders and supervisors

To be effective at people management skills one has to understand and improve their interpersonal skills –which includes attributes and competencies like empathy, patience, respect, understanding multiple perspectives, being flexible and supportive, and having an ability to influence.

  • The crucial factor which determines whether there is a positive or negative interpersonal relation is –Communication
  • The workshop focuses on two key concepts in effective communication – Speaking – BABBLE & Listening – VABBLE ©.

Yellow Spark develops a customised programme for your employees, skilled to do one-one-one coaching as well as group coaching with individual developmental plans. Let’s discuss, reach out to us on

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Matchstick Leadership ® Workshop

Suitable for: Employees in leadership roles

Leadership is one of the most written about subjects and yet not fully understood. Probably therefore, people with leadership qualities are high in demand. So, what is it that this ‘leader’ is expected to do really? Or, in simpler words, what makes a good leader?

John Quincy Adams said it succinctly: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader”. There are 3 parts to this – firstly, it is not your oratory skills but your actions; secondly, it is about inspiring others; and lastly, what should others do after being inspired by your actions. If the people around you do not get inspired to become more, you would have more yes-men in your room, and your team will develop a herd mentality.

Matchstick leadership® is a uniquely designed workshop that enables you to understand the dynamics of your role as a leader. This clarity can help you immensely in overcoming your organisational challenges, give a direction to your team, create a culture of results, and develop a sense of ownership. You can inspire your team to work cohesively and achieve goals, rather than just do enough to get by. In essence, you can create more leaders in your organisation.

Yellow Spark develops a customised leadership programme for your employees, skilled to do one-one-one coaching as well as group coaching with individual developmental plans. Let’s discuss, reach out to us on

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POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace) Workshop

Suitable for: Employees across all roles

Did you know, it is mandatory to have a Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Policy in your organisation if you have more than two employees?

The POSH policy became mandatory in the year 1997 when the Vishaka Guidelines came in to force. The guidelines are laid out for dealing with sexual harassment of women at the workplace. It defines sexual harassment, lays down the duties of employers in dealing with complaints, and stipulated the formation of committees to dispose of complaints from victims of harassment.

In a nutshell, this policy enables the organisation to prepare themselves and their employees to deal with cases of sexual harassment in a fair and structured manner. However, drafting and implementing this policy could have many challenges.

A.  Policy Development Workshop

If a complaint does get filed, it becomes the responsibility of the employer to investigate the matter in all fairness. Thus, every company should develop a robust mechanism to prevent and address sexual harassment cases.

Yellow Spark conducts paid group workshops on developing robust POSH policy from time to time.

To know when the next workshop is or to develop a strong policy to prevent and address matters related to sexual harassment in your company, reach out to us on

B.  Employee Sensitisation Workshop

Yellow Spark conducts customised employee sensitisation workshops for prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace. These workshops are aimed at ‘prevention’ and they are critical because reports of sexual harassment at a workplace tarnish the image of not only the complainant and the accused, but of the company and its brand equity. It is every company’s responsibility to have a safe and harassment-free workplace.

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W.A.R - Winning At Recruitment Workshop

Suitable for: Hiring managers and recruiters

Ask any recruiter or hiring manager and they will tell you – there is a shortage of good talent. And that’s not it, they will accept that recruitment is becoming more and more difficult because in the ‘Millennial Age’.

Yes, the talent pool is evolving and certainly there is a change in the way recruitment is done today but the principal of recruitment is still the same.

A company creates a recruitment strategy based on manpower projections, develops the recruitment process including the interview and assessment processes, begins the candidate sourcing and presents shortlisted candidates for the final interview. So where is the gap in recruitment?

‘Winning at Recruitment’ (W.A.R) is a two-hour activity-based workshop, during which you will learn about the critical factor for selecting the right talent for your organisation. Yellow Spark explains the concept of the ‘Culture Triangle©’ a tool if applied strategically could result in a high ROI on human resource. This workshop is best suited for talent managers, lead recruiters, human resource planners and for team leads who are actively involved in hiring & selection.

Yellow Spark conducts paid group workshops on W.A.R from time to time.

To know when the next workshop is or to conduct a crash course on winning at recruitment for your team, reach out to us on

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S.M.A.R.T. HR Workshop

Suitable for: HR professionals

While the significance of the HR function in companies has increased over a period of time, it’s role as a business partner largely remains challenged in most companies.

Through the S.M.A.R.T. HR concept, the intention is to help HR custodians of today, align their agendas straight to business.

This workshop is a two-hour S.M.A.R.T HR simulation (unique format) exercise by Yellow Spark. We will focus on contemporary human relations challenges and explore S.M.A.R.T (Strategic, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) solutions for them together.

Yellow Spark conducts paid group workshops on S.M.A.R.T HR from time to time.

To know when the next workshop is or to implement S.M.A.R.T HR in your company, reach out to us on

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