At Yellow Spark, we strive to create and sustain a high-performance workplace © for our clients.

We work on the basic premise, which we call the 3P framework:

3P framework

Hence our consulting services are in the areas of your people and practice to achieve high performance. We check a workplace against ten indicators of a high-performance workplace © to ascertain the gaps and recommend strategic interventions to bridge those gaps. Therefore our consulting services are always customised and aligned to meet your business objectives.

We work along with you as your extended think-tank and help you to achieve and sustain high performance through strategic organisation planning, leadership development, and human relationship management.

Strategic Organisation Planning

Our strategic interventions in the area of organisation planning include:

  • Organisation structuring
  • Aligning processes to the purpose of your business
  • Developing simpler processes
  • Values and culture management
  • Reward and recognition programs

Leadership Development

Our strategic interventions to hone and nurture leadership include:

  • Developing vision and mission
  • Goal setting
  • Developing KPIs (key performance indicators) and KRAs (key result areas)
  • Matchstick Leadership © Workshop
  • Socially conscious

Human Relationship Management

Our strategic interventions to  enhance human relationships include:

  • HR processes
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Employee policies
  • Employee engagement
  • Organisation climate surveys
  • Select trainings

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