Yellow Spark has a diverse portfolio of clients from Airlines, Hospitality, Logistics, Media-Entertainment, Manufacturing, Digital Printing & Non-profits.

Our solutions in the areas of people and practice have enabled our clients to achieve high performance. These are a few representative case studies that indicate what we can help you accomplish.

We value our clients' confidentiality, and as a policy, we do not share our client names in any public domain.

Organisation Strategy: Organisation restructuring

Client: Design studio specialising in floral arrangements

Sector: Décor & Gifting

Context: Our client is a design studio specialising in floral arrangements. They pride in servicing HNIs across Mumbai. In its 30 years of existence, the business had grown through word of mouth without undertaking any other marketing initiatives.

Challenge:  In a fiercely competitive market, the revenues were declining. To add to the pressure, it was an individual run business, which had to be transformed into a professionally run enterprise.

Solution:  We started with creating the company DNA, which defined the vision, mission, values, goals and key performance indicators for the client. The organisation structure was designed and job descriptions were created to enable the client to meet its goals. With the DNA in place, the TG and services were revisited. Simplified processes were designed, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) were developed, marketing strategies were created, and training needs were identified. The data quality of the customer database was also improved and steps were taken to maintain it.

Result: The company was able to re-launch its brand with a stronger positioning. The organisation restructuring is under process and employees are being inducted into the new SOPs. Revenues are beginning to stabilize.

HR Consultancy: Development of an HR framework

Client: Technology-enabled company specialising in same-day delivery

Sector: Logistics

Context: Our client is a technology-enabled company specialising in same-day-delivery of all kinds of items across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

Challenge: A start-up, a year into their operations, with a team of 17 employees, it wanted to hit the 1,000 deliveries per-day mark within 6 months, while becoming an employer of choice and offering service par excellence to clients.

Solution: Yellow Spark has set up the HR framework; designed and implemented the organisation structure; defined job roles; redesigned recruitment processes, streamlined internal communication, and systems and processes to manage HR information. Yellow Spark has also provided inputs to improve their operational efficiencies.

Result: Our client met its objective of reaching 1,000 deliveries per day within the stipulated time. Over this period, the employees grew by a staggering rate of 350% per month.

HR Consultancy: Streamlining HR functions

Client: Growing Bollywood film production house

Sector: Media & Entertainment

Context: Our client is a fast-growing media and entertainment company that produces of Bollywood movies.

Challenge:  Considering the fast-paced nature of the business, there was a strong need to create a high-performance workplace, understand employee grievances, develop an appraisal system and manage people effectively.

Solution:  Yellow Spark stepped in as an extended think tank. Employee one-on-one sessions were conducted, HR policies were designed and rolled out, performance appraisals were conducted, and a clear expectation setting activity was carried out. In addition, the senior staff was mentored to overcome day-to-day challenges.

Result: Employee policies are in place and have helped in not only resolving employee grievances but also in preventing any new ones. There is also better role clarity and accountability from people. Effectiveness of senior managers has improved through advice and coaching.

Surveys: Industry salary benchmarking exercise

Client: Non-profit that serves children with mental challenges

Sector: Not for profit

Context: Our client is one of the oldest non-profits serving children having mental challenges. It serves as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all the needs of a mentally challenged person with ‘associated disabilities’. It has a multidisciplinary team of over 250 professionals, mostly doctors, therapists, teachers, and caregivers.

Challenge:  The organisation was undergoing a massive restructuring for the first time after being operational for 70 years. Considering the changing non-profit landscape in India, there was a strong need to conduct a market study to understand trends in salaries and benefits and understand the human resource practice of similar service providers.

Solution:  We carried out a salary and benefits analysis survey and made recommendations on how salaries could be revised, how grading should be and how people practice can be improved to support talent management.

Result: The employee banding and grading document have been put in place and salary budgets across the organisation are being reviewed.

Strategic Recruitment: Culture fitment based strategic recruitment

Client: Large digital print house

Sector: Print production

Context: Our client is a market leader in the print industry with the largest printing capacity in the APAC region.

Challenge:  The company was struggling to hire for key roles in sales and finance & accounts for over 6 months.

Solution:  In an exclusive partnership, we worked closely with key members of the management as an extended team and not only developed a recruitment process, but also helped them in mapping culture gaps through our proprietary tool – The Culture Triangle©. This helped the client to identify the skill requirement specific to their company. Customized recruitment tools were also developed to objectively assess these skills and standardize the recruitment process for the future. We sourced and recruited candidates using robust processes.

Result: The company was able to roll offers for critical roles in business development and sales within 45 days.

Workshops: Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace policy

Client: Non-profit promoting social entrepreneurship

Sector: Not for profit

Context: Our client is a highly reputed non-profit with international affiliations which serve as a launchpad for social entrepreneurs in India.

Challenge:  The company was looking for a partner to conduct training on their POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) policy.

Solution:  An interactive session was conducted with all employees of the organisation which helped to sensitise them on the issue of sexual harassment in their workplace. The session not only provided information on the POSH policy of the organisation but also drove a strong message that the organisation is committed to providing a safe workplace to all its employees and is ready to support any aggrieved employee.

Result: The training was received very positively by all participants and has been well appreciated.

Since then we have conducted over 50 corpoarte trainings related to POSH.

Workshops: Leadership development at a MNC

Client: Large MNC from the airline’s industry

Sector: Airlines

Context: Our client is a part of a large MNC from the airline industry. The business operates as an offshore unit and services global operations from Mumbai.

Challenge:  The company was looking for a strong intervention to engage and positively reinforce key talent.

Solution:  We developed a customised leadership engagement programme to engage 33 key employees. The training which was conducted in batches was designed to help team managers and supervisors understand each other’s perspective keeping a bigger picture in mind. The trainings were followed by a one-on-one session with each participant to provide a window and discuss in confidence any workplace-related challenges which they would like to bring to the attention of the management. These one-on-one sessions were carried out with utmost sensitivity to maintain confidentiality and at the same time address any unwarranted issues.

Result: The training was received very positively by all participants. Training report and recommendations offered have been taken up by the company as the next steps.

Workshops: Enhanced People Management Skills of 2nd and 3rd line of Leadership

Client: Large MNC from the airline’s industry

Sector: Airlines

Context: Our client is a part of a large MNC from the airline industry. The business operates as an offshore unit and services global operations from Mumbai.

Challenge:  The company was looking for a partner to develop people management skills of all employees in the supervisory role.

Solution:  We developed a customised people management skills programme for all supervisory staff (24 employees). The training was designed with very unique, yet implementable concepts about people management and was delivered using unconventional tools and methods. A post-training tool was also provided to all the participants to ensure long term learning and also to monitor the application of the learning.

Result: The training report helped the management in understanding the level of people management skills of each participant with a recommended plan of action for the future.

Workshops: Complete compliance solutions to organisations

Client: Compliance solutions provider to organisations involved in philanthropic activity

Sector: Not for profit

Context: Our client is a reputed non-profit offering legal advisory services to other non-profits, CSR foundations and also works closely with key policymakers. They provide complete legal and compliance advice in areas like legal, finance, board governance, human resources, and fundraising.

Challenge:  The organisation was looking for a partner to design content and build the capacity of non-profits on the subject of developing and sustaining HR practice.

Solution:  We developed a highly comprehensive and customised human resources manual called the ‘HR Toolkit’ for the development sector. This detailed manual contains 17 chapters spread across 150 pages. The manual is easy to understand and also contains implementation tools and formats.

We will also be conducting training on various HR topics for hand-picked non-profits. This training will be followed by consultancy sessions to help resolve queries and to support in building the HR practice of the participant organisations. Towards the end of the training, participant non-profits will be audited on various areas including HR, to be certified as ‘compliance complete’ by our client.

Result: The compliance complete programme has been rolled out where the selected non-profits are undergoing training and audits in eight different areas including HR. Our HR toolkit serves as a base to conduct HR audits and deliver training to develop HR capability.

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