Our solutions are in the areas of your people and practice to achieve high performance. These are few representative case studies to indicate what we can help you accomplish.

We value our clients' confidentiality, and as a policy, we do not share our client names in any public domain.

Organisation StrategyHR ConsultancySurveysStrategic RecruitmentTrainingWorkshops

Organisation restructuring of a design studio specialising in floral arrangements

Developing an HR framework for a technology enabled company specialising in same day delivery

Streamlining HR functions at a growing Bollywood film production house

Industry salary benchmarking exercise for a not-for-profit that serves children with mental challenges

Culture fitment based strategic recruitment for a large digital print house

Training on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace policy

Leadership development at a large MNC from the airlines industry

Enhanced People Management Skills of 2nd and 3rd line of Leadership through our proprietary module

Complete compliance solutions to organisations involved in philanthropic activity

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