How Safe is Your Workplace?

No matter the size and scale of an organisation, creating and maintaining a safe workplace is an obligation of every employer.

The onus of creating a safe and positive work culture is often on the leaders and managers of the organisation. But when it comes to realising this goal, most leaders and managers often feel overwhelmed about workplace safety and behavioural issues, some of which extend beyond physical office boundaries and also spread over the digitally connected workplace of today. In this blog, let’s look at various kinds of situations where power-play is evident. Such behaviours are red flags that can lead to making workplaces unsafe & unhealthy:

Can Internal Communication Deliver Employee Loyalty?

Can Internal Communication Deliver Employee Loyalty?_Yellow Spark Blog

On one hand, an employee feels no conversation made her work boring, on the other hand, too much conversation looked like negative talk that needed to be curbed. How do you strike the balance between both? Well the answer is simple, put the spot light on ‘Internal Communication’. When approached correctly, it allows you to know the pulse of the organisation and to take proactive steps to ensure that your workplace has a positive work environment. Read more…