Workplace Flexibility And How You Should Approach It

Workplace Flexibility And How You Should Approach It_Yellow Spark Blog

The allegedly entitled generation called millennials is probably the first one to experiment in many aspects of professional life. Their extensive reliance on technology and desire for workplace flexibility are among the leading factors. Their desire to work remotely using their personal resources often sparks a debate on are we really ready to accept the idea of flexibility at workplace? Here’s how you can adopt this practice…

Millennial Employees? Here’s How You Can Manage Them Effectively

Millennial employees? Here’s how you can manage them effectively_Yellow Spark Blog

“Generation Gap” a term that summarises the differences in attitudes, opinions and an overall way of conducting among people of different generations. The term was just a topic of a living room debate or college campus until the same group began to join the workforce. And that’s how the concept of ‘managing millennials’ came in to being. Find out What’s unique/different about millennials and read about 10 tips that can enable you to manage them effectively.