Best Practices For An Ideal Virtual Training Programme

Best Practicses for Virtual Training_YellowSparkBlog

Organisations of all sizes have swiftly found themselves having to transfer and deliver what was once live, in-person, training seemingly overnight into online formats. However, just because virtual is possible doesn’t mean that all training has to be converted into virtual training. Having trained hundreds of individuals via live and online training from the start of the pandemic, we have had our share of learning. Here we have compiled some things that organisations should keep in mind to implement a good virtual training programme:

7 Must-Have Aspects to Upgrade Your L&D Programme

7 Must-Have Aspects to Upgrade Your L&D Programme_Yellow Spark Blog

Not just the top management or cost optimisation or technology alone, but employees are also looking at learning in innovative ways. If you haven’t started to change the way learning is implemented in your organisation or are in the transition phase, here are a few questions that will help you get started; here are a few major shifts to consider when you are upgrading your L&D programme…

Foolproof Checklist to Design an Effective Training Programme

5-Point Foolproof Checklist to Design an Effective Training Programme_Yellow Spark Blog

Effective training can lead to not only a happier, more satisfied and engaged workforce but also to increase compliance with regulations. It also has a direct impact on the cost of hiring. The benefits are many. However, creating an effective training programme isn’t child’s play. Here are some questions to ask yourself to get started on conceptualising an effective training programme…

How To Effectively Onboard Your New Employee

How To Effectively Onboard Your New Employee_Yellow Spark Blog

Do you remember your onboarding at your job? How was your first day, the first week, or the first month at the job? Now as the tables turn and you’re the boss, you have two options. Either repeat the history of what happened with you? Or instead, make the first day of your employees a memorable one. Having creative presentations, active demonstrations and better onboarding could set a positive and productive work environment for the new joinees. These are just some of the ways that would be very helpful in transforming your onboarding process into a dynamic, interesting, job-oriented and effective process.