Three Must-Haves In HR During & Post The Pandemic

The Three Pillars of HR functions During & Post Pandemic_Yellow Spark blog

While leaders are keeping the ball rolling by finding ways to sustain and drive the business, HR went into crisis response mode at the onset of the pandemic. Nevertheless, the pandemic isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and to deal with this swiftly changing work environment, HR’s must make it their mission to take into consideration these critical aspects that are now permanently a part of the future of work.

Draft a Robust Work From Home (WFH) Policy, Here’s How.

Draft a Robust Work From Home (WFH) Policy, Here’s How_YellowSparkBlog

A good WFH policy sets the right expectations and creates channels and infrastructure that not only supports working from home but also tackles challenges that come up when you take employees out of the office. As several companies globally are deciding to incorporate this way of working into their structure, it is important from the HR perspective to formulate good WFH policy. Here are 4 considerations to draft an ideal WFH policy.

How to Motivate Your Team While Working Remotely

How to Motivate Your Team While Working Remotely_Yellow Spark Blog

The overall working sentiment is low, and every manager has a looming challenge of how to motivate employees while working remotely? The work from the home situation does demand special preparation and as managers we need to equip ourselves to handle remotely working employees and enable them to be productive, engaged and motivated. Here’s how you can effectively motivate remote employees and foster high morale…

6 Engagement Strategies to Adopt In Times of Social Distancing

6 Engagement Strategies to Adopt In Times of Social Distancing_Yellow Spark Blog

It’s true — COVID-19 is a deadly virus, and the number of people succumbing to it is alarming, not to mention the drastic long-term effect it is going to have on the economy. It may forever alter how we approach life and work. But with millions of us across the world facing isolation, and social distancing to stem the spreading of Coronavirus (COVID-19), one of the most important things we should hold on to is positivity. Here are 6 strategies that you must follow to keep up your spirits and that of your teams.