Foolproof Checklist to Design an Effective Training Programme

5-Point Foolproof Checklist to Design an Effective Training Programme_Yellow Spark Blog

Effective training can lead to not only a happier, more satisfied and engaged workforce but also to increase compliance with regulations. It also has a direct impact on the cost of hiring. The benefits are many. However, creating an effective training programme isn’t child’s play. Here are some questions to ask yourself to get started on conceptualising an effective training programme…

6 Red Flags to Watch Out For While Scaling Up Your Team

6 Red Flags to Watch Out For While Scaling Up Your Team_YellowSpark Blog

No matter the size of your company, growing a business has many challenges. Among other challenges building a high-performance team tops the list. If you’re tearing your hair and exhausted there’s every chance that your team managers are facing the same. While there is no one way to go about it, here are some team building mistakes you can avoid while putting your business team together successfully, using tact.

10 Exceptional Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

10 Exceptional Ways to Boost Employee Engagement_Yellow Spark Blog

Employee engagement and retention are among the top of all HR priority lists these days. But it is essential to keep in mind that it cannot be done through one-off projects. It has to be a continuous process which must be optimised regularly. A good employee engagement programme fosters productivity and is meant to boost profits. It helps bring your team together, facilitates empowerment, engagement and improved performance.
Here are our top 10 ideas to boost employee engagement in your organisation.

Common Mistakes Managers Make During Performance Appraisals

Common Mistakes Managers Make During Performance Appraisals_Yellow Spark blog

The appraisal offers a valuable opportunity to discuss workflow and goals, address existing gaps and encourage positive performance. While there are many reasons why appraisals don’t meet their objectives, however, one of the glaring issues is how poorly managers sometimes handle it. Here are the most common mistakes managers make in a performance appraisal and a few tips to reverse them:

Change Management and How to Do It Right

Change Management and How to Do It Right_Yellow Spark Blog

Indeed there’s a way to reduce the resistance of your employees towards change. This process of change management, however, needs a certain amount of thought and meticulous planning to make it happen. You need to plan it in a systematic and organised way so that the change is not just implemented but also accepted by the teams. Taking care of their needs and expectations also forms a crucial part of this whole exercise.

How To Let Go Of Your Employee Amicably

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash_Employee Exit_YellowSpark Blog

More and more companies today are realising the value of ‘employee experience’ and are approaching this subject with as much importance as they would approach ‘customer experience’. Just the way, the first few days are the most critical in building your brand image with a new employee, likewise, the last few days of an employee before their also has large impact on the perception about your brand. Here’s a quick guide on how you can ensure the employees exit is a positive experience.