How Safe is Your Workplace?

No matter the size and scale of an organisation, creating and maintaining a safe workplace is an obligation of every employer.

The onus of creating a safe and positive work culture is often on the leaders and managers of the organisation. But when it comes to realising this goal, most leaders and managers often feel overwhelmed about workplace safety and behavioural issues, some of which extend beyond physical office boundaries and also spread over the digitally connected workplace of today. In this blog, let’s look at various kinds of situations where power-play is evident. Such behaviours are red flags that can lead to making workplaces unsafe & unhealthy:

5 Critical Questions to Gauge If Your Company Is Diversity Friendly

5 Critical Questions to Gauge If Your Company Is Diversity Friendly

Diversity in the workplace was always one of the hottest topics in the HR industry, but in recent years, it has become a major goal for companies. As the world is changing and shrinking, more work is taking place at a global level, the need for a diverse workforce that is culturally competent has become a must. Even before you set diversity & inclusion goals for your company, here are some critical questions to check your organisation’s readiness for a diverse work culture.

6 Strategies to Build A Collaborative Workforce

6 Strategies to Build A Collaborative Workforce_Yellow Spark blog

At YellowSpark we have seen firsthand that sharing ideas can lead to innovation, and collaboration can build trust that will make achieving business goals much more likely. Having said that, fostering a collaborative team environment is not that simple. It takes a concerted effort to integrate co-operative values throughout your whole company’s ethos. Here are some strategies to give you a head-start:

3 Leadership Mantras That Will Set You Apart

3 Leadership Mantras That Will Set You Apart_Yellow Spark Blog

Good leadership is not about winning a popularity contest. Being liked and respected is not the primary goal. From our experiences with clients so far, we have, identified a few ingredients we believe are essential to set you on the right path to becoming the leader in a successful business. We have watered it down to these three crucial mantras…

How To Let Go Of Your Employee Amicably

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash_Employee Exit_YellowSpark Blog

More and more companies today are realising the value of ‘employee experience’ and are approaching this subject with as much importance as they would approach ‘customer experience’. Just the way, the first few days are the most critical in building your brand image with a new employee, likewise, the last few days of an employee before their also has large impact on the perception about your brand. Here’s a quick guide on how you can ensure the employees exit is a positive experience.