7 Barriers to Empathy That Block Effective Leadership

7 Barriers to Empathy That Block Effective Leadership_Yellow Spark Blog

Empathy plays a major role in the workplace that will deal with failures, poor performance and manage employees who genuinely show interest to contribute, improve, and grow. As leaders, your role is simple – deal empathetically with the team and watch them build a strong and prosperous organisation. This understanding will give a better way to manage the challenges ahead. However, most leaders find this hard. It is therefore important to take note of the barriers to empathetic behaviour:

Why You Should Not Micro-Manage

Why You Should Not Micro-Manage_Yellow Spark

Most successful and visionary leaders have been able to find a sweet spot between micromanagement and being completely hands-off. And I feel they were probably able to do so because they could read the indicators of micromanagement. Yes, you read that right, indicators of micromanagement mean those signs that will tell you it’s time to control the micromanagement and do some damage control.

7 Commandments of Motivation

7 Commandments of Motivation

It’s no news that every employee needs to be motivated so they can give their best, as an individual or as a team. Now, motivation, itself is a tricky concept. What motivates my people? We often ask ourselves. What else can I do to ensure they feel more encouraged at this time of the year? With organisational changes and employee evolution, the factors of motivation have also come a long way. Although, it still stands at the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, the stimulating elements are not what it used to be even a decade ago.