5 Fresh Ways to Adopt Flexi-Work In Your Company

5 Fresh Ways to Adopt Flexi-Work In Your Company_Yellow Spark Blog

While we have already made a strong case for flexi-working in one of our earlier blogs, we have come across several fresh perspectives and concepts as well, that are being successfully implemented across the globe. Flexi-work, when implemented with a proper structure and accountability, can save a lot of costs and efforts for the company, and at the same time keep employees happy. Here are five fresh flexi-work arrangements you can consider…

6 Tips to Outline Highly Effective Job Descriptions

6 Tips to Outline Highly Effective Job Descriptions

Writing a job description is one of the most basic HR functions. With a little thought, you can put together an appropriate job description to bring a wide range of highly talented candidates into the pipeline. Unfortunately, most often than not, job descriptions are out of date, and not changed at all once formulated, or are all too vague, or do not address the main requirement directly. Here are 6 tips that will enable you to write a good JD…

Strategies to Optimise Your HR Budget

Strategies to Optimise Your HR Budget_Yellow Spark Solutions LLP

On a fundamental level, the HR budget is a great way to reinstate and reinforce HR function as a strategic arm of the organisation. Our experience tells us that if HR budgeting is done with a genuine intent and focus, there will be a clear impact on the bottom line as engaged employees will give in their best to achieve business goals. If you are looking at ways to make the most of your HR budget this year, reach out to us – contact@yellowspark.in