5 Critical Questions to Gauge If Your Company Is Diversity Friendly

5 Critical Questions to Gauge If Your Company Is Diversity Friendly

Diversity in the workplace was always one of the hottest topics in the HR industry, but in recent years, it has become a major goal for companies. As the world is changing and shrinking, more work is taking place at a global level, the need for a diverse workforce that is culturally competent has become a must. Even before you set diversity & inclusion goals for your company, here are some critical questions to check your organisation’s readiness for a diverse work culture.

7 Barriers to Empathy That Block Effective Leadership

7 Barriers to Empathy That Block Effective Leadership_Yellow Spark Blog

Empathy plays a major role in the workplace that will deal with failures, poor performance and manage employees who genuinely show interest to contribute, improve, and grow. As leaders, your role is simple – deal empathetically with the team and watch them build a strong and prosperous organisation. This understanding will give a better way to manage the challenges ahead. However, most leaders find this hard. It is therefore important to take note of the barriers to empathetic behaviour:

6 Essential Tips for HR to Hire Gig Workers

6 Essential Tips for HR to Prepare For the Gig Economy_Yellow Spark Blog

Research is increasingly pointing out to the growth of the alternative workforce, both out of choice and necessity are gaining momentum. However, simply transitioning to the gig way of work as a measure of cost control can bring with it many new challenges which in the long run will cost organisations dearly. thought, once you are ready, the question is how can HR prepare for a smooth implementation of a gig workforce?

6 Areas That Employees Must Unlearn To Be Future Ready

6 Areas That Employees Must Unlearn To Be Future Ready_Yellow Spark Blog

Despite the ability to do work at any place and any time, we are still slaves to routines that were put in place before the pandemic. For any employee, senior or junior, to be successful in the new way of work, they will first need to unlearn certain hard-wired lessons. Here are six areas to unlearn which will help your employees adapt to new ways of working with speed and precision:

Three Must-Haves In HR During & Post The Pandemic

The Three Pillars of HR functions During & Post Pandemic_Yellow Spark blog

While leaders are keeping the ball rolling by finding ways to sustain and drive the business, HR went into crisis response mode at the onset of the pandemic. Nevertheless, the pandemic isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and to deal with this swiftly changing work environment, HR’s must make it their mission to take into consideration these critical aspects that are now permanently a part of the future of work.