3 Employee Policy Shifts to Consider in 2021

3 Employee Policy Shifts to Consider in 2021_Yellow Spark Blog

Even as work culture and dynamics continue to change rapidly, HR professionals are more and more involved in promoting business goals. The pandemic has not only speeded up some of the changes in the workplace which had already begun but also brought about some new aspects and dilemmas for organisations. Here are the top 3 things to incorporate in HR policies in 2021…

How HR Can Help Employees Stay On Track In Uncertain Times

How HR Can Help Employees Stay On Track In Uncertain Times_Yellow Spark Blog

Aligning itself with a company’s strategic needs is not only a matter of necessity but also a matter of urgency for HR teams. Therefore, HR functions will accordingly need to step up to become a business partner and a support system in the true sense to not only maintain productivity and keep teams on track but also to support the business itself to achieve specific goals. Here are a few critical points for HR professionals to ensure teams stay on track and achieve goals in uncertain times.

6 Essential Tips for HR to Hire Gig Workers

6 Essential Tips for HR to Prepare For the Gig Economy_Yellow Spark Blog

Research is increasingly pointing out to the growth of the alternative workforce, both out of choice and necessity are gaining momentum. However, simply transitioning to the gig way of work as a measure of cost control can bring with it many new challenges which in the long run will cost organisations dearly. thought, once you are ready, the question is how can HR prepare for a smooth implementation of a gig workforce?

7 Must-Have Aspects to Upgrade Your L&D Programme

7 Must-Have Aspects to Upgrade Your L&D Programme_Yellow Spark Blog

Not just the top management or cost optimisation or technology alone, but employees are also looking at learning in innovative ways. If you haven’t started to change the way learning is implemented in your organisation or are in the transition phase, here are a few questions that will help you get started; here are a few major shifts to consider when you are upgrading your L&D programme…

Three Must-Haves In HR During & Post The Pandemic

The Three Pillars of HR functions During & Post Pandemic_Yellow Spark blog

While leaders are keeping the ball rolling by finding ways to sustain and drive the business, HR went into crisis response mode at the onset of the pandemic. Nevertheless, the pandemic isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and to deal with this swiftly changing work environment, HR’s must make it their mission to take into consideration these critical aspects that are now permanently a part of the future of work.

Draft a Robust Work From Home (WFH) Policy, Here’s How.

Draft a Robust Work From Home (WFH) Policy, Here’s How_YellowSparkBlog

A good WFH policy sets the right expectations and creates channels and infrastructure that not only supports working from home but also tackles challenges that come up when you take employees out of the office. As several companies globally are deciding to incorporate this way of working into their structure, it is important from the HR perspective to formulate good WFH policy. Here are 4 considerations to draft an ideal WFH policy.