6 Red Flags to Watch Out For While Scaling Up Your Team

6 Red Flags to Watch Out For While Scaling Up Your Team_YellowSpark Blog

No matter the size of your company, growing a business has many challenges. Among other challenges building a high-performance team tops the list. If you’re tearing your hair and exhausted there’s every chance that your team managers are facing the same. While there is no one way to go about it, here are some team building mistakes you can avoid while putting your business team together successfully, using tact.

5 Smart Tips for Achieving Team Goals in the Workplace

5 Smart Tips for Achieving Team Goals in the Workplace_YellowSpark Blog

Achieving team goals in the workplace isn’t much of a task if you focus on the people rather than the task. As the cycle goes, if you take care of your employees, they take care of your customers who in-turn increase your shareholder’s interest. As a leader of a team, your role transforms from being good at a task to inspiring the same results in your team. Here are 5 tips that could help you drive your team to achieve goals as a team…

The Recipe For Successful Team Management

The Recipe For Successful Team Management_Yellow Spark Blog

It might be easier to correlate if one could look at their employees as ingredients of a dish to be prepared. If you don’t leverage each one’s uniqueness, you won’t get the desired result. You may even buy exotic ingredients to make a dish but if it doesn’t suit the palate (read: vision), the dish will not succeed. And this is where most organisations struggle – getting the right team, to do the right thing, at the right time.

Can HR Give Your Business A Competitive Edge?

Can HR Give Your Business A Competitive Edge?

“I’m not surprised that suddenly there is a great emphasis globally, on the intent to hire the most skilled candidate for the role in question. The question though begs to be answered is ‘Did we not hire based on skill earlier?’. Or let’s just say that HR lost focus of the skills for some time and got enamoured by the education qualifications, certifications etc.” shares Nirav Jagad.

Why You Should Not Micro-Manage

Why You Should Not Micro-Manage_Yellow Spark

Most successful and visionary leaders have been able to find a sweet spot between micromanagement and being completely hands-off. And I feel they were probably able to do so because they could read the indicators of micromanagement. Yes, you read that right, indicators of micromanagement mean those signs that will tell you it’s time to control the micromanagement and do some damage control.