How to Maximise Your Insight From Exit Interviews

How to Maximise Your Insight From Exit Interviews_Yellow Spark blog

An exit interview can be a big drag. The employee just wants to get it over with. The HR team just wants to get it over with. It’s part of a routine; largely a formality. It’s a part of the HR best practices handbook, and often times when conducted with ambivalence nothing substantial comes of it as learning. However, done in a consistent and standardized way, exit interviews offer a deeper look at your workplace culture, day-to-day processes, management solutions, and employee morale and experience.

How To Let Go Of Your Employee Amicably

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More and more companies today are realising the value of ‘employee experience’ and are approaching this subject with as much importance as they would approach ‘customer experience’. Just the way, the first few days are the most critical in building your brand image with a new employee, likewise, the last few days of an employee before their also has large impact on the perception about your brand. Here’s a quick guide on how you can ensure the employees exit is a positive experience.