Common Mistakes Managers Make During Performance Appraisals

Common Mistakes Managers Make During Performance Appraisals_Yellow Spark blog

The appraisal offers a valuable opportunity to discuss workflow and goals, address existing gaps and encourage positive performance. While there are many reasons why appraisals don’t meet their objectives, however, one of the glaring issues is how poorly managers sometimes handle it. Here are the most common mistakes managers make in a performance appraisal and a few tips to reverse them:

Embracing GirlPower: How to Attract and Keep More Women in the Workforce

Embracing GirlPower: How to Attract and Keep More Women in The Workforce_Yellow Spark Blog

The status of women is improving in public and private spheres, yet there are many challenges in getting jobs, and also in sustaining in the job. If you look at the statistics, it gives a true picture of this. However, it’s not only about workplace stats but also about the challenge for a progressing career woman which are all too real. Why are women dropping out of work? And how can we make it better?

Indicators of Stress at Work and How to Reduce It

Indicators of Stress at Work and How to Reduce It_Yellow Spark Blog

In order to manage the increasing stress at workplace, you have to be vigilant and observe the various indicators or red flags that could warn you about it. Unlike the common cold, there’s no obvious or direct indicator that shows if someone is stressed or not. However, there are a lot of indirect cues or signs that you may associate stress with. Here are a few indicators that you must not overlook…

Trainings That Should Be Conducted Once Every Year

Trainings That Should Be Conducted Once Every Year_YellowSpark Blog

Annual training at the beginning of the year often sets the course of the entire year. This would not just help your long-term employees revise and retain better but also ensure that your new employees are well-trained and have one less reason to part ways. It also acts as an excellent opportunity for you to streamline the company culture. Overall, annual training goes beyond productivity boost and highlights skill gaps and potential risks in your work processes. Here are 3 training modules that should be conducted once every year…

5 Smart Tips for Achieving Team Goals in the Workplace

5 Smart Tips for Achieving Team Goals in the Workplace_YellowSpark Blog

Achieving team goals in the workplace isn’t much of a task if you focus on the people rather than the task. As the cycle goes, if you take care of your employees, they take care of your customers who in-turn increase your shareholder’s interest. As a leader of a team, your role transforms from being good at a task to inspiring the same results in your team. Here are 5 tips that could help you drive your team to achieve goals as a team…

A Leader’s Guide to Engaging High Potential Employees

A Leader's Guide to Engaging High Potential Employees_YellowSparkBlog

High potential employees are the ones who are able and willing to contribute the most to the company. These are the people, whom we all love to work with because of their passion, commitment and a constant desire to level up. They push their mental and professional boundaries for their own growth, as well as the growth of the company. High potential employees have their own set of values, principles, discipline, and manner of working. They are able to give their best to the company with confidence as they are aware of their worth an asset.

However, as much as having such people on board is an asset for the company, equally high is the risk of losing such valuable talent. Therefore, leaders have a tough task of keeping these high potential employees engaged for as long as possible in the organisation.

Body Language – a Non-verbal Morse Code Simplified

Body Language - a Non-verbal Morse Code Simplified_Yellow Spark Blog

As a team leader, you emulate a lot more through your body language than you do with your words. You may prepare your PPT, conduct meeting and decide how you will motivate your team in a certain way. But what about the non-verbal cues that you give? This is an often neglected or least-focussed trait that influences your employees the most. In a majority of cases, it tends to overpower what you say with your words too. So here’s a quick guide to help you understand the unspoken language that you can embody.

How to Build a Strong Employer Brand

How to Build a Strong Employer Brand_YellowSpark Blog

Employer brand is a set of tangible qualities that a company possesses as an employer. It is these qualities which become the identity of the company among all those who work or intend to work in the company. Simply put, your employer brand encourages new employees to join you, remain with you and recommend you to their other colleagues. Here’s what does it take to develop a strong ‘Employer Brand’?