Tricky Office Romances, POSH and All Things In-between

Tricky Office Romances, POSH and All Things In-between_Yellow Spark Blog

Thanks to the #MeToo wave in recent times, more and more women have mustered the courage to speak up and get justice. Yet, sexual harassment is a huge grey area in the workplace, leaving employers in a quandary, employees (especially men) with a lot of doubt, resentment and underlying fear. In my experience, consensual relationships in the workplace are especially tricky to handle under POSH for several companies, and here are some of the ways in which you can tackle these types of cases…

7 Way to Engage Your Employees in Giving

7 Way to Engage Your Employees in Giving_Yellow Spark blog

Engaging employees in giving alone can improve your employee satisfaction scores, raise your retention levels and strengthen your employer brand. Because one of the thumb rules of employee engagement is to enable your employees to do what they hold in high regard – whether it is learning, growing or giving. Here are 7 simple ways in which you can engage your employees in giving time, money or skills.

Can Internal Communication Deliver Employee Loyalty?

Can Internal Communication Deliver Employee Loyalty?_Yellow Spark Blog

On one hand, an employee feels no conversation made her work boring, on the other hand, too much conversation looked like negative talk that needed to be curbed. How do you strike the balance between both? Well the answer is simple, put the spot light on ‘Internal Communication’. When approached correctly, it allows you to know the pulse of the organisation and to take proactive steps to ensure that your workplace has a positive work environment. Read more…

How To Let Go Of Your Employee Amicably

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More and more companies today are realising the value of ‘employee experience’ and are approaching this subject with as much importance as they would approach ‘customer experience’. Just the way, the first few days are the most critical in building your brand image with a new employee, likewise, the last few days of an employee before their also has large impact on the perception about your brand. Here’s a quick guide on how you can ensure the employees exit is a positive experience.