5 Ways to Upskill Your Existing Employees

5 Ways to Upskill Your Existing Employees_Yellow Spark Blog

Each person should think about upskilling of course, but why should an organisation think about it? We all know employee turnover is expensive and reskilling existing employees is a more economical alternative than hiring and training new recruits. Here are 5 ways in which you can sharpen the skills of your existing employee or in other words upskill them and save your time, money and your high potential talent…

Your 5-Point Checklist for Employee Retention

Your 5-Point Checklist for Employee Retention_Yellow Spark Blog

Today’s employees, especially millennials (between the ages of 19 to 34) are constantly switching jobs. What they’re looking for is not job security and stability and constancy, but novelty, and personal growth. They are not afraid of change to achieve these goals. Here’s a 5-point checklist to help you build a good employee retention strategy for your company:

5 Fresh Ways to Adopt Flexi-Work In Your Company

5 Fresh Ways to Adopt Flexi-Work In Your Company_Yellow Spark Blog

While we have already made a strong case for flexi-working in one of our earlier blogs, we have come across several fresh perspectives and concepts as well, that are being successfully implemented across the globe. Flexi-work, when implemented with a proper structure and accountability, can save a lot of costs and efforts for the company, and at the same time keep employees happy. Here are five fresh flexi-work arrangements you can consider…

Foolproof Checklist to Design an Effective Training Programme

5-Point Foolproof Checklist to Design an Effective Training Programme_Yellow Spark Blog

Effective training can lead to not only a happier, more satisfied and engaged workforce but also to increase compliance with regulations. It also has a direct impact on the cost of hiring. The benefits are many. However, creating an effective training programme isn’t child’s play. Here are some questions to ask yourself to get started on conceptualising an effective training programme…

10 Exceptional Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

10 Exceptional Ways to Boost Employee Engagement_Yellow Spark Blog

Employee engagement and retention are among the top of all HR priority lists these days. But it is essential to keep in mind that it cannot be done through one-off projects. It has to be a continuous process which must be optimised regularly. A good employee engagement programme fosters productivity and is meant to boost profits. It helps bring your team together, facilitates empowerment, engagement and improved performance.
Here are our top 10 ideas to boost employee engagement in your organisation.