Workplace Negativity and How You Can Avoid It

Workplace Negativity and How You Can Avoid It_YellowSparkBlog

No one wants their workplace to be negative, and yet, at times workplaces seem to have a negative work environment. Often workplace negativity stems from one person or one incident. Occasional workplace negativity can be a good training ground where you can anchor your team in a positive way. But when this starts to become a part of your work culture, you need to step in and make amends. The best way to improve something is knowing what is it that you are seeking to amend in the first place. Here’s how you can address workplace negativity…

Workplace Flexibility And How You Should Approach It

Workplace Flexibility And How You Should Approach It_Yellow Spark Blog

The allegedly entitled generation called millennials is probably the first one to experiment in many aspects of professional life. Their extensive reliance on technology and desire for workplace flexibility are among the leading factors. Their desire to work remotely using their personal resources often sparks a debate on are we really ready to accept the idea of flexibility at workplace? Here’s how you can adopt this practice…

Can Internal Communication Deliver Employee Loyalty?

Can Internal Communication Deliver Employee Loyalty?_Yellow Spark Blog

On one hand, an employee feels no conversation made her work boring, on the other hand, too much conversation looked like negative talk that needed to be curbed. How do you strike the balance between both? Well the answer is simple, put the spot light on ‘Internal Communication’. When approached correctly, it allows you to know the pulse of the organisation and to take proactive steps to ensure that your workplace has a positive work environment. Read more…

How To Let Go Of Your Employee Amicably

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More and more companies today are realising the value of ‘employee experience’ and are approaching this subject with as much importance as they would approach ‘customer experience’. Just the way, the first few days are the most critical in building your brand image with a new employee, likewise, the last few days of an employee before their also has large impact on the perception about your brand. Here’s a quick guide on how you can ensure the employees exit is a positive experience.

The Recipe For Successful Team Management

The Recipe For Successful Team Management_Yellow Spark Blog

It might be easier to correlate if one could look at their employees as ingredients of a dish to be prepared. If you don’t leverage each one’s uniqueness, you won’t get the desired result. You may even buy exotic ingredients to make a dish but if it doesn’t suit the palate (read: vision), the dish will not succeed. And this is where most organisations struggle – getting the right team, to do the right thing, at the right time.

How To Effectively Onboard Your New Employee

How To Effectively Onboard Your New Employee_Yellow Spark Blog

Do you remember your onboarding at your job? How was your first day, the first week, or the first month at the job? Now as the tables turn and you’re the boss, you have two options. Either repeat the history of what happened with you? Or instead, make the first day of your employees a memorable one. Having creative presentations, active demonstrations and better onboarding could set a positive and productive work environment for the new joinees. These are just some of the ways that would be very helpful in transforming your onboarding process into a dynamic, interesting, job-oriented and effective process.

Can HR Give Your Business A Competitive Edge?

Can HR Give Your Business A Competitive Edge?

“I’m not surprised that suddenly there is a great emphasis globally, on the intent to hire the most skilled candidate for the role in question. The question though begs to be answered is ‘Did we not hire based on skill earlier?’. Or let’s just say that HR lost focus of the skills for some time and got enamoured by the education qualifications, certifications etc.” shares Nirav Jagad.