4 Ways Employee Happiness Will Save Costs For Your Company

4 Ways Employee Happiness Will Save Costs For Your Company

People spend 3/4th of their waking hours at their workplace and that’s huge. Several studies have shown that employees want more than just a salary. At the most basic level, today’s employees seek a good social work environment, purpose in their jobs, a place to voice their thoughts openly, acceptance of the way they are and like to feel valued, Here are some actions that can immediately increase the happiness level among your employees and improve your bottom line:

How Safe is Your Workplace?

No matter the size and scale of an organisation, creating and maintaining a safe workplace is an obligation of every employer.

The onus of creating a safe and positive work culture is often on the leaders and managers of the organisation. But when it comes to realising this goal, most leaders and managers often feel overwhelmed about workplace safety and behavioural issues, some of which extend beyond physical office boundaries and also spread over the digitally connected workplace of today. In this blog, let’s look at various kinds of situations where power-play is evident. Such behaviours are red flags that can lead to making workplaces unsafe & unhealthy:

5 Ingredients For Internal Communication In A Hybrid Workplace

5 Ingredients For Internal Communication In A Hybrid Workplace_bog by Yellow Spark

Internal communication has always been crucial for engaging the workforce and ensuring alignment with the company’s core goals and philosophy. While it’s one thing to have the opportunity to interact with people and drive a message, it’s another thing to drive it in a virtual workspace. Whether your whole workforce works remotely or it’s just a few members of staff, here are some ways to amplify your internal communication for the hybrid work environment.

Best Practices For An Ideal Virtual Training Programme

Best Practicses for Virtual Training_YellowSparkBlog

Organisations of all sizes have swiftly found themselves having to transfer and deliver what was once live, in-person, training seemingly overnight into online formats. However, just because virtual is possible doesn’t mean that all training has to be converted into virtual training. Having trained hundreds of individuals via live and online training from the start of the pandemic, we have had our share of learning. Here we have compiled some things that organisations should keep in mind to implement a good virtual training programme:

6 Reasons Why You Need the Hybrid Work Environment Policy

6 Reasons Why You Need the Hybrid Work Environment Policy_Yellow Spark Blog

As vaccinations are expected to slowly make life limp back to normal, it seems like hybrid work models are evolving – which allow employees the option of choosing their place of work – at a physical office, or work from home or a combination of both. The reality is the “normal” we were used to is never going to come back, and this “normal” will vary from company to company. If you’re not among those who are already acting on it, here are 6 reasons why it’s important to prepare a hybrid work environment policy.

6 Ways to Infuse Your Company Culture With Kindness

6 Ways to Infuse Your Company Culture With Kindness_Yellow Spark Blog

Managers and leaders often fear that being kind will hamper their functioning and decision-making abilities and make them vulnerable. However, agile leaders don’t see it that way. They know that solutions to the current unknown problems cannot come from them alone. They can see that powerful transformation comes only through kindness and vulnerability. Here are 6 ways to infuse kindness in your work culture:

6 Key Aspects Of Posh Every Employee Must Know

7 Key Aspects Of Posh Every Employee Must Know_YellowSparkBlog

During almost all our Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace training, we observe that there is a lot of anxiety that there could be serious misuse as only women are afforded protection under the PoSH Act. What is important to note is that the law is put in place to offer a mechanism to give redressal to one gender but in itself does not favour only one gender. Let’s understand 7 key aspects of the POSH law and PoSH policy which are important for every employee.

3 Employee Policy Shifts to Consider in 2021

3 Employee Policy Shifts to Consider in 2021_Yellow Spark Blog

Even as work culture and dynamics continue to change rapidly, HR professionals are more and more involved in promoting business goals. The pandemic has not only speeded up some of the changes in the workplace which had already begun but also brought about some new aspects and dilemmas for organisations. Here are the top 3 things to incorporate in HR policies in 2021…