3 Leadership Mantras That Will Set You Apart

3 Leadership Mantras That Will Set You Apart_Yellow Spark Blog

Good leadership is not about winning a popularity contest. Being liked and respected is not the primary goal. From our experiences with clients so far, we have, identified a few ingredients we believe are essential to set you on the right path to becoming the leader in a successful business. We have watered it down to these three crucial mantras…

5 Things To Do If You’re Struggling with New Hires

5 Things To Do If You’re Struggling with New Hires_Yellow Spark blog

When you’ve spent hours carefully selecting the right candidate, you expect them to excel, succeed and validate your choice. This may be the ideal situation, but all too often candidates fall short of your expectations for several reasons. This is a situation that happens more often than you think, especially with senior level employees. Here are five things to do if you’re struggling with new hires.

How to Assess the Emotional Intelligence of Your Employees?

How to Assess the Emotional Intelligence of Your Employees?_YellowSpark Blog

Emotional Intelligence refers to the ability of individuals to identify and discern between the different emotions of themselves and of others. It also includes the effective management of these emotions and expressing them in an appropriate and effective manner. Identifying the level of emotional intelligence of our employees will not just help you know where your employees stand emotionally but also come in handy when you deal with them on a daily basis. Here’s a quick list that can help you with that.

A Leader’s Guide to Engaging High Potential Employees

A Leader's Guide to Engaging High Potential Employees_YellowSparkBlog

High potential employees are the ones who are able and willing to contribute the most to the company. These are the people, whom we all love to work with because of their passion, commitment and a constant desire to level up. They push their mental and professional boundaries for their own growth, as well as the growth of the company. High potential employees have their own set of values, principles, discipline, and manner of working. They are able to give their best to the company with confidence as they are aware of their worth an asset.

However, as much as having such people on board is an asset for the company, equally high is the risk of losing such valuable talent. Therefore, leaders have a tough task of keeping these high potential employees engaged for as long as possible in the organisation.