We are workplace designers.

We provide consulting services to help organisations create and sustain a high-performance workplace ©. What’s that, you ask? A high-performance workplace © boasts of high revenues, large profits, high market share, and stable operations.

For this to become reality, on the outside, you need strong relationships with your customers and vendors. On the inside, you need clarity of purpose, employees that look forward to come to work, have a sense of ownership over everything they undertake, and Monday blues are replaced by Friday withdrawal symptoms. It’s a high-performance arena driven by motivated employees, giving their best and working towards a unanimous goal.

Imagine us as an extended think tank. We get under the skin of the living breathing entity that is your organization, to gain an insider perspective of the mechanism of your workplace and help you optimize it, from the inside out.



Aparna Khandwala (co-founder) has an expertise in the people's aspect of business. She brings to the table 15 years of experience in strategic human resource solutions, having developed and implemented HR solutions across sectors: HR consulting, architecture, hospitality, travel, and nonprofits to name a few. She also has a wide range of experience in leading turnkey projects related to organisational restructuring. In her last stint she was heading operations at JobsForGood, a specialist recruitment service provider to the social sector in India. She has pursued a Bachelors’ in Life Sciences and Masters in Human Resource Development Management from the University of Mumbai. She is empanelled as an HR consultant at Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy (CAP). She also works pro bono at GYAN, a programme of iVolunteer, where she advises and conducts workshops for NGOs on HR topics. Her experiences with the social sector lead her to look at solutions from the bottom up, in contrast to the traditional top down approach. Further, it also gave her a deeper understanding of the diversity of attitudes among people, making her adept at helping organisations design and implement policies for the entirety of their workforce. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering for Daan Utsav and engages in welfare activities for stray animals.

Madhukar Kumar (co-founder) specialises in problem-solving and is passionate about helping people see the spark inside them. He believes diverse experiences are critical to appreciate perspectives and gain clarity. His education took him all across the country; he holds an engineering degree from NIT Surathkal, and an MBA from IIM Calcutta. He developed strong project management skills over 8 years in the IT industry. After that, the quest for a more fulfilling career lead him to the development sector where he was in charge of managing a social leadership programme for 4 years. These crucial years educated him on aspects that never surfaced during his formal academic life. To gain a better understanding of self, he took another unconventional step – a gap year after over a decade of working. He underwent Vipassana course to clearly see his purpose. Since then he has been helping people chart their path to success. He draws on his varied experiences to help entrepreneurs and businesses to reinvent themselves. He has also done pro bono work with NUSSD (National University Students’ Skill Development) for their financial literacy module. His mantra to problem solving is clarity and simplification. He thinks Leonardo da Vinci said it best: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Deepam Yogi (co-founder) is a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in the field of marketing and specialises in Advertising, Media & Branding. Deepam’s strength lies in bringing resources together -especially people- to provide unique, strategic and structured marketing solutions for her clients. Her integrated marketing approach, ability to create inspiring marketing material and passion for social media marketing is contagious. In 2012, she took over the operational responsibilities of setting up India’s First Social Communication Agency - Social Access Communications. In a short span of 19 months; at Social Access, she has lead 20 projects to completion. She continues to engage with cause related communication campaigns and serves on the board of Social Access; and strongly believes in the power of the media to inspire action and change.

We believe that it is people who make businesses successful and we are passionate about creating high-performance workplaces © where people perform to the best of their ability.

Vision: Enable every organization to build a compelling ecosystem, which people aspire to be a part of!

Mission: Create high-performance workplaces © where people are valued and strive to deliver their best.


Excellence - We aspire to be brilliant in everything we do.

Simplicity - is the ultimate sophistication. We keep things simple. Because it works.

Integrity - We work with utmost confidentiality and privacy of our clients and act in their best interest.

Creativity - Our solutions are unique to your business needs and challenges.


Each individual is different (depicted by different colours) but they come together in a formation to give a result which is greater than its parts.

We work as catalysts (like white background that remains largely invisible, but brings out the contrast), focusing on the 3 critical Ps of a high-performance workplace © - People, Practice, and Performance.

We intend to create the spark that will transform your organisation, just like that first yellow spark which led to the discovery of fire that transformed our lives.

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